If you were to ask me why I love you, colors and pictures would come to mind before anything else. Then memories, taste, smell, emotions. When I first met you it was bright pink, a long haired boy sitting in a desk close to mine. I was nervous that day.
Falling for you was a journey I didn’t even realize I was on until it was too late. With boys like you, you’re instantly hooked before you understand it yourself.
You were there. You were right in front of me whenever I needed somebody. And oh god I needed somebody. I needed the attention and the love and I didn’t even know it.
I put you through so much just by making you be there- but you never seemed to mind. You were falling for me too. I don’t know why exactly you stayed while I was starving myself until I felt so empty and numb and felt that I wasn’t real. You stayed when all I wanted to do was rip apart my skin.
I hope you continue to stay. Even when my heart hurts and my mind is so fucked up I don’t know how to think, I hope you stay. I’ve seen heartbreak and I don’t want to be awake crying at 5 a.m or feel so numb that I want to tear myself apart. I need you. and I need you to stay.
Please stay (via not-frail)